Yeah…Life Sure is Busy!

The last week has been a whirlwind!  The usual daily life obligations have filled my days, along with a week of photography…capturing, editing, making opportunities, and enjoying what I like to call “Sunset Season”.  The shift from autumn to winter provides opportunities for those chilly, still, flat ocean surfaces to reflect the colours of the sun as it ducks behind the hillside at the end of the day into a brilliant spectrum of colour, shifting from greys, pinks and blue to vivid orange and black, stark silhouettes edging the skyline. There is nothing like standing in the cold at dusk, camera on tripod, snapping as the horizon changes, the satisfying spray of mist exhaling from your mouth as warm air escapes and chills, while the light shifts like the tide as the countryside rolls from crisp and clear to a rainbow of greys, an Ansel Adams work of art…not to mention the coinciding of a brilliant full moon decorating the night!  During the day, I took the opportunity to photograph a lovely young lady on the beach, experimenting with light and contrast, dark against light…my project, “Portrait of a Lady.”   With fine skies comes challenging shadows, and metering that tricks the camera.  While the best time of day is often the golden hour for capturing those magic moments, the sun mid-morning provided a beautiful back-light, enhancing form and natural features such as my lovely models long flowing hair.  On top of that, I had the pleasure of capturing a family photo with a gorgeous group locally.  Good humour, patience, and a positive vibe…all that makes what I’m trying to do a pleasure!  For now though, on this first day of winter, I think I’ll enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine, put my feet up, and imagine…


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