The Story – Quarter Acre Dreamer

Auckland Photo Day has been and gone again…a now blip in the year!  An opportunity to capture a story, to reflect what happens on an everyday Saturday in the region, and to experiment with the camera. In the end I decided to look closely at my own backyard, what happens in it, and how it reflects our greater community, with the help of a teenage son. The penultimate goal for homeowners in years gone by in the greater city was the realisation of the good old-fashioned quarter acre dream.  Land that was big enough to accommodate your home, a workshop or garage, and room for the kids to play.  There was no need to worry about indoor or outdoor flow, because when you weren’t inside eating or sleeping, you were just outside…working or playing!  The evolution of the city is moving towards compact sections and high-rise apartments, and a life enshrouded by technology.  The imagery I was trying to portray was the notion that with a dream you have dreamers…while we have space for our kids outside, and a reason to put technology down, we have the opportunity to allow the exploration of our imagination in our own backyard.  A creative zone for testing theories, a place to recreate the moves of our idols, a space to experience freedom from the fast-pace of the world we live in, the creation of a “Quarter Acre Dreamer”.  A barefoot everyday teen playing some basketball against a battered, well-used backboard and hoop during the half-time break of the biggest game in the season, the NBA Final. My picture then, nothing fancy, just a kid (and his Mum), living the quarter acre dream.