See Ya Chill…Onto Summer!

I finish work this week and move into holiday mode…summer is here!  And yes, now some dedicated photography is back on the cards.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve been quietly plodding away, managed to get some lovely snaps of Queenstown while holidaying and celebrating an anniversary, and some more fabulous shots of some creative artwork displayed at NZ Sculpture Onshore by some talented fellow creatives.  Both great experiences, but also highlighting that I need more time as I didn’t get to explore quite as much as planned!  I’ve also had my photograph “Mist on Muriwai” published in NZ Photographer, a nice little boost to morale in the attempt to put my photography out there.  So, what’s on the cards now?  Well, firstly, my blog will be back, which means I need to be out and about again setting some goals and working on some projects to share with you.  My Creative Live classes are waiting to be explored, with a couple of new ones added to the list, while my lighting is sitting ready to be set up and played with again.  I have ideas swimming around in my mind as it clears of the layers of the year’s commitments, which makes me feel a little bit excited!  All of this of course will be happening in between swimming, playing and celebrating the summer season on the beach…bliss!