Yo, 2019…Epic Already!

Hey there!  Happy New Year to you!  How was your New Year’s Eve?  Up late into the evening celebrating with friends and family?  Holidaying or contemplating goals for the year ahead?  I’d like to say we spent the night as we have for many prior partying and enjoying a few drinks and fireworks, but over the last couple of years, the new year’s morning has taken on more meaning.  We are often up at the crack of dawn on the first day of January, excited about the year ahead, celebrating summer with a hearty breakfast, fishing and kayaking off the beach, swimming and enjoying time with our family.  This year is no exception with the early start, except we decided to travel and partake in a different occasion.  We sacrificed a late night so we could rise with the birds and make our way to an annual event at the Warkworth showgrounds to capture the entertainment of a modern-day rodeo – not too far from home, but with the chaos of holiday traffic in our region, it was worthy being up at dawn to miss the congested queues.  And yes, taking the camera was at the top of list, following a breakfast to feed kings…ah well, bagels and coffee at McDonalds with the kids on the way!  The focus of the day, to capture a crisp action shot as well as panning a slow shot showing motion while encapsulating the action of the heroes of rodeo riding.  I grew up in the country, both on a dairy and bull farm at different times, and believe me, there was no desire to mount the muscled back of any bovine animal, especially when seeing their speed and strength as they fought throughout spring…although we made exceptions for the odd pet cow to give them a hug!  And horses, well they bucked us off without any need for spurs or any other device to make them jump, I understand the need for a soft landing!  So, what is the definition of a rodeo?  To me, it is action amongst plumes of dust, a little bit of danger, along with dedication, drive and determination, from all parties. Hopefully I’ve captured these ideas in my photos…Happy New Year!  May you take all these qualities into your new year 😊