Black and White Weekend…

As per usual, a stunning weekend to celebrate Auckland Anniversary 2019, along with the usual fun – classic cars, something arty and entertaining, and chill time on the beach.  It goes without saying that a trip to the Hot Rodders’ annual event in Orewa was always going to be a must.  We decided on making our way in earlier in the day, it was going to be a scorcher, and swim time was going to be needed in the afternoon.  The cars seemed to be jam-packed in this year and navigating around people to capture a couple of shots was more of a mission, but I still found a few favourites to play with.  The dilemma this weekend, with busy backgrounds and limited space, was whether to compromise a crisp shot when filling the screen with my subjects and attempt to add some background blur, or just settle for the disparity of colour and pattern that infiltrated the scene.  I could add vignette in editing (not my thing), and, yes, there is always Photoshop for removing unwanted scenery and replacing with an alternative backdrop.  But for these events I just want to capture the day as it is…and decided to go simple, stick to black and white. The Buskers Festival in the city were also a treat, and yes, another scorching day.  While we managed to get front row seats, planted on the hot concrete to capture Chris Blaze and his fire performance, it was more difficult to get up close and personal to Mighty Mike’s hilarious antics, juggling, and jokes with the audience as crowds soon arrived and enjoyed the performance. And Opus Furore, well we didn’t want to get too up close and personal for their strip-juggling performance, and laughed from a safe viewing point!  So, no photos of the beach this week…just another afternoon of relaxation and cooling off before the school week begins and the summer holiday ends.  Guess it’s time to get back into work mode!


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