Rotorua Redwoods…

Another quick trip south allowed for a stopover and visit to the Redwoods  forest, on the outskirts of Rotorua, for a photography treat.  What I am learning about my weekend jaunts is that I must allow more time for photography when on these mini adventures, but somehow, with a family in tow there are often glimmers of opportunities that one must make the most of!  So, it was a night visit to see the tree light show, taking in the scenery while walking across swing bridge walkways to solid platforms in the canopies of these large giants, a visual treat.  On the photography front, a few issues arose!  Yes, low light, no flash or tripod, swaying bridges, and wavering holograms don’t lend easily to nice crisp shots.  Not to mention the time available for capturing vegetation and form as the sunset changed to dusk, and the lowest and highest points fell into the black shadows of night rather quickly.  Next time?  Make the most of the daytime too…what a fantastic spot for walking and exploring nature, pack a picnic!  At night?  Shoot in manual, invariably the ISO will need to go up and there will be some grain, but it needs to to enable a better aperture and shutter combination for the optimum exposure.  Yes, a 2.8 lens allows low light shooting but the compromise is depth of field, so there will be blur, and when not using a tripod and experiencing jiggling undercurrents as you walk there is a need to speed up that shutter from the longer exposure setting it invariably wants to be at!  Ah, dilemmas!  But that is the exposure triangle for you!  Next, scope out the light and look for some land-based photography too – there are some lovely entry points into the forest to capture some interesting silhouettes, changing light, and natural forest scenes on the fringes.  Yet another learning curve, and always another reason to go back.  See you again soon Rotorua for the next adventure…lakes, fishing, forestry, thermal energy attractions, adrenalin junkie entertainment, and good food.  It won’t be long!


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