Well…hello again!

It has been a little over a year since writing my blog and sharing my photography.  A hiatus from playing with words and showcasing what I’ve been up to through pictures, but it might just be time to play again and focus on the positive experiences that photography brings when one walks out the front door! I’ve spent time recently reflecting on the photos that I’ve most enjoyed capturing over the last year: the weekends where I have explored unknown surroundings as we tripped out into the countryside; opportunities to photograph friends and family; moments to join my local community and capture events around me…yes, I’ve been tidying the labyrinth of files infiltrating my hard drive and flicking through the pages of memories!  One of my most recent highlights was heading north to explore the top of New Zealand, experiencing the northern most point of the island where the land and sea meet at Cape Reinga; the Tasman and Pacific Ocean blending in a white-capped tangle of currents below a rocky outcrop that seemingly props up the solitary figure of the infamous lighthouse standing picturesquely, overlooking the stunning oceanic horizon. It is a spiritual journey for many who visit the site, where in Maori culture, the spirits depart to the underworld, and there is a sense of respectful quiet as both tourists and locals blend together and stare out to sea to reflect. Many share the walk around the historic point with us, spellbound by the scenic beauty that had already followed a preamble of exquisite countryside introducing visitors to the wonders of Northland: driving on the endless white sands of Ninety Mile Beach, winding through weather battered steep hillsides, others preserved with native bush, all the while admiring the breath-taking bays that flank the undulating landscape of the giant sand dunes of Te Paki.  A plethora of photographic opportunities allow for stops along the tourist highway saturated with white camper vans sharing the experience.  I captured one my favourite black and white photos on my journey, while stopping for my son to have fun on the sand dunes. The contour of the soft yellow sand against the brilliant blue sky presented an illusion of calm, masking thoughts of the challenge of the walk to the peaks ahead. Exposed skin seared from the heat for those who decided to brave the grainy surface in bared feet, and the photographers challenge, to keep the sand out of those beloved lenses!  But many walked the walk, of all ages, to get that view from the top, and then slide on their boards down the steep face of the beach mountains. I have submitted my photo and had it published in New Zealand Photographer Magazine, Issue 29, and look forward to it making its way to a “Best of Black and White” exhibition in the Laurent Gallery, St. Kilda, Melbourne, via the Guru Shots platform, both in  print and digital. Nice to be selected, and always motivation to keep on exploring, learning, and challenging myself to keep moving forward on my photography journey…

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